Karuppathal Easwaran


Sleep disorder is one of the problems faced as a side effect to many disease liken depression, epilepsy, cardiac etc., It is generally treated either by means of sleeping pills or through psychotherapy which when taken for long time leads to health problems. In this project, attempted is to develop a device which provides a combination of audio visual entrainment therapy to induce sleep. This device provides drug-free treatment through a user friendly environment that enables relaxation of brain and muscles. Two audio signals at two different frequencies given to left and right ears. This results in binaural beat signal in delta band. Visual input (Red LED) is also given to two eyes through eye-mask to block the entry of external light. These two which when applied simultaneously suppresses alpha band frequency and increases delta band of brain signal and thus induces sleep. This when tried on controls and test subjects, subjects with sleep disorderness took 10 to 15 extra to enter into sleep state. Thus this device provides no discomfort to the user and also very cost effective.